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14 JanEpisode 16 – The Most Effective, Safe, Natural and Fast Ways To Speed Up Detoxification

In this Episode I talk about what Detoxification really means and the best ways to begin speeding up your body’s own…

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14 JanEpisode 15 – Understanding the Cause of Multiple Sclerosis and Other Autoimmune Diseases

In this episode I discuss what the REAL causes of Auto-Immune Disorders are and how to begin repairing your immune system…

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14 JanEpisode 11 – The Most Effective, Safe, Natural Antibiotics

In Episode 11 I discuss the most time-tested, natural, safe and effective Natural Antibiotic Solutions that every parent should be aware…

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13 JanEpisode 4 – Can Too Much Cardiovascular Exercise Speed UP Aging?

In Episode 4, I discuss how doing the RIGHT kind of exercise for your body can make the difference between building…

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13 JanEpisode 3 – How To Get Out Of Pain Quickly, Naturally and Safely

Episode 3: I talk about the most effective strategies for getting out of pain fast, safely and naturally. These strategies work…

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13 JanEpisode 2 – Part 1 – How Quickly Do All Of Our Cells Get Replaced?

Episode 2, Part 1- In this 2-part Series I discuss how quickly all of the different cells in our body get…

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