We are currently shipping all of packages using USPS Priority Mail. We have found that this is the fastest, most cost effective and reliable way to ship right now. However, as there can be with all shipping methods, missing packages or late arriving packages can happen. We are finding that for some reason we have the most issues when shipping within the State of Florida, meaning when packages are going to another address within Florida. We have been told that this is because there is a high turn over rate in Florida keeping reliable Post Office Employees. We have also been told that because they are using Computer Sorting systems now, that occasionally a package will get sorted incorrectly and end up across the country when it was supposed to go up the street.

We can not do anything about shipping since we do not control packages once we pay for them and they leave our facility. We do provide Tracking Numbers on all packages and you will always receive an automated Email with your Tracking Information. Please be sure to REGISTER for an Account on our SITE when you make a Purchase and please use a VALID EMAIL Address that you check frequently and receive notifications on. By Registering on Organic Reset for an Account, it simply means that the next time you order, you don’t have to Re-Enter all of your information again, and you can log in to check on the status of your orders.

We ship all packages before 3pm Eastern, Monday – Friday, one time per day. Most of the time, packages will arrive within 2-4 Business Days from the time they are shipped. Occasionally, there are delays due to bad weather, sorting mistakes and even scanning mistakes. Sometimes we will go to track a package and it will only show that it was scanned one time as opposed to being scanned at every stop, like it’s supposed to be. That does not mean it will not show up, but it does generally mean that it will probably be delayed arriving.

Each Small Priority Package we ship and will fit 2-3 bottles in a box for that price. The next box size up is Medium and we can generally fit up to 6 bottles in this box. We individually wrap each bottle or jar that we send you. We then put each bottle and jar inside a pouch. We then put each pouch inside a bubble mailer and then we put that bubble mailer inside a Priority Shipping Box. We take great pride in making sure that you will receive a package that was well-packed in in fantastic condition.

If you are expecting a package and it has not arrived in a timely manner, please contact us so that we can look into it and put in a claim if necessary. We will ship you out a New Bottle if, after we have researched the missing package, it has been determined that it was lost. We know how frustrating it can be to wait on a package or even worse, not receive it at all due to errors made by the Shipping Company.

Obviously, it becomes very costly for us to have the Post Office lose our Packages so we are always looking at ways to make sure Shipping is Consistent and Fast.

Shipping & Handling Rates

Domestic Shipping Rates

  • Free shipping on all orders with two or more items shipped in the USA.
  • Free shipping on all auto ship orders regardless of quantity shipped in the USA.
  • Small Box Priority Shipping is $8.50 in the USA.
  • Medium Box Priority Shipping is $13.50 in the USA
  • USPS Priority / Signature required/ rate begins at $14.99 and will increase with quantity and weight.

NOTE: Shipping date begins when it is received by the shipping carrier. Normally packages are shipped within 24 hours of the order being processed but at times may take up to 48 hours.

International Shipping Rates

  • Rates begin at $12.99 and increase based on weight and destination.

Domestic and International Delivery Times

  • In stock orders are processed within 24 hours and shipped based on your selection.

Tracking Your Shipment

  • You can check the status of your order by checking your tracking information that was sent to you upon the order being shipped.
  • If you did not receive an email confirmation of your order or shipping information please check your SPAM FOLDER


Out of the thousands of orders we have shipped out less than .01% is ever returned. This is a phenomenal statement on the quality and efficacy of our Products. We stand by everything we produce and will always do everything we can to make sure every customer is completely satisfied. We have a 30-Day Return Policy on all Products. We simply ask that you contact us first, with any issues regarding your Product, to give us an opportunity to correct any problems. Because we are a small Company, we are able to closely monitor all of our products from farm to manufacturing to ensure that they are always the highest quality organic ingredients, purity and potency available. So, if you happen to be in the .01% of all customers that might have not be 100% Satisfied, please reach out to us via phone, email or chat, and we will gladly help to make sure that you are happy and satisfied.

Please reach out with any and all questions, we are here to help and most importantly are here to see you feel healthy and happy, always.