Medical marijuana activist, Rick Simpson, has been on a campaign to help heal people with cannabis. He believes it is the most medically advanced plant that grows on earth and there are many modern studies that back up his claim. There are also countless testimonials from people who have cured their diseases using the controversial plant.

Cannabidiols can inhibit the growth of cancer receptors

One study documents the link between cannabidiol (CBD) and the reduction of breast cancer tumors. The research discovered that CBD is the only current substance that can decrease the aggressiveness of breast cancer cells without any toxic side effects. It can also stunt the growth of tumors by inhibiting cancer receptors.

CBD is powerful at counteracting inflammation in the stomach as well as colon cancer

CBD was found to produce antimetastatic, apoptotic, and antiproliferative effects while also decreasing the amount of cytokines released. The research concluded that CBD shows positive signs when it comes to fighting against inflammation in the stomach and colon cancer.

Cannabis can have positive effects on leukemia within hours

A study discovered that cytotoxicity was encouraged to happen in leukemia cell lines which can kill cancer. The THC properties of cannabis were found to be the most effective, even when it was used at very low dosages. Within six hours after exposing the cancer cells to the cannabis, there were signs that it had been prevented from growing.

CBD can treat the most deadly form of skin cancer

Melanoma is considered to be one of the most dangerous skin cancers to have, due to the fact that if it is not found early on, the treatment methods prove to be ineffective for many people. However, the receptors in CBD were found to target the melanoma by reducing the growth and metastasis of the melanoma cancer cells. It can also kill the cancer cells in some cases!

If you’re still unsure about the healing properties of cannabis, especially when it comes to treating cancer, there are 100’s of studies that prove how much of an impact it can have. There are also testimonies from people around the globe who have used medical marijuana to heal themselves when nothing else would.

Originally published: Momming School