May Prevent Cancer

BCP may help prevent cancer. For example, in an animal study where mice were fed a high fat diet, BCP could inhibit tumor growthBrain Cancer (BCP and CPO).

BCP can also help with pain and neuropathy from chemotherapy

 Helps With Alcohol Addiction

BCP may help with alcohol addiction. For example, in a study where mice were addicted to alcohol, BCP administration could reduce the mice’s dependence to alcohol. 

May Improve Bone Density And Improve Weight Loss

BCP may help with weight loss by activation of PPAR-gamma. It may do this by increasing bone mineralization (beneficial for osteoporosis) and reducing adipogenesis(beneficial against obesity). 

Protects The Kidneys

By activation of CB2 receptors, BCP may protect the kidneys from inflammation and oxidative stress.

Protects Against Diabetes

High doses of BCP (orally) may have beneficial effects on glucose levels.For example, BCP has been found to balance glucose levels in diabetic rats, similar to glibenclamide, a standard anti-diabetic drug.

 Improves Liver Function

BCP combines well with Milk Thistle to improve liver function. 

May Affect Sex Organs

Endometriosis is when tissue abnormally grows outside lining of the uterus. In animal studies, BCP has shown to improve symptoms of endometriosis without affecting fertility

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