Dosing Suggestions For CBD Oil

The Right CBD Dosage Differs By Person

As is stated above the right CBD dosage differs per person. This is caused by the fact that every person has a different endocannabinoid system. This is a physiological system in your body that´s important for the improvement and maintenance of your physical and mental health. CBD might help to support this system to ensure that it will keep on working properly. Whether the right dosage of CBD will work for your body is not affected by your weight or length, which could be the case while taking some medication. It´s best to start with a small dosage of CBD and then slightly raise this dosage until you receive the desired result. You have to listen to your body and ask yourself if you notice any changes. A mistake that people make is that they are using CBD only for a short period of time. Often CBD must help for health issues that have been build-up for years. CBD can often lead to a rapid decrease of your complaints, but you have to give your body enough time to recover. Using CBD can provide support during your recovery.

Standard Dosing Recommendations For CBD Oil

The dosing recommendations for CBD often differs per brand, some recommend taking too much CBD oil and some recommend too little. This may lead to a lot of confusion. Therefore we are offering you some suggested standard dosing recommendations for CBD oil that can be used for our Organic Reset CBD Oil.

Start on the first day by taking 3-5 drops of CBD oil. Our Organic, Full Spectrum oil is very effective and powerful. Many people report needing less of our Oil than they have needed with other Brands. Less is often More when it comes to Our Organic CBD Oil.

Increase this amount with 2-5 drops per day during the first 3-4 weeks or until you experience a reduction of your symptoms.

Don’t take the drops all at once, but spread the usage evenly over the day, for instance in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and before you go to bed

If you do not experience a reduction of the symptoms after 3-4 weeks, you should increase the number of drops until you experience the desired result.

You should experiment a little, just try to examine what you are feeling and whether you think it works well for you. After a certain amount of time you will have found the right dosage

If your symptoms get worse you should decrease the number of drops until you experience the desired result again. You have to look carefully how much drops you should take to reach approximately 10-25 mg. You have to put the drops under your tongue and let them take effect for 30 seconds. Keep the bottle of oil in a dark and cool place, for instance in the refrigerator.

Hopefully this helps clear up any confusion. If you have any questions at all, we are always here to help and only a phone call, message or email away. Here’s To Your Best Health! – Organic Reset Team