Asthma is defined in terms of its symptoms, which include a construction and swelling of the airways, in the production of excess mucus. The end result is extreme difficulty in the simple act of breathing.

For those suffering from this terrible condition, life can often seem tedious and hopeless. However, we have now amassed amounted of research that suggests that CBD can provide hope and relief for those battling with this acute foe.

As the reader may already be aware, asthma sufferers are sufferers for life, and they face a demon that medical science has yet to defeat – in other words, there is no cure, per se.

As we see it, CBD is a natural fit. While it is not a cure for an attack in progress, CBD treatment for chronic asthma can help prevent the issues that lead to an acute attack.

It’s important that we start with the basic stats: did you know that one out of every twelve people suffers from asthma? That stat was established in 2009, and it represents a jump from 1 in 14 just eight years earlier.

In other words, the prevalence of asthma is increasing, and half of all asthmatics report experiencing serious asthma attacks. For starters, it’s important to understand that the root cause of asthma is unknown. It is likely that a combination of genetic and environmental factors are at work driving the condition. However, the true nature of this condition is not fully understood.

What we do know is that asthma is a respiratory condition characterized by shortness of breath, difficulty sleeping, coughing or wheezing, and chest tightness or pain.

Often times an attack can be characterized as follows: an individual with asthma inhales something – perhaps pollen, dandruff, smoke – and that leads to an overreaction of the immune system.

From there, the body reacts to the invading force by charging up its own internal Army and setting up for an attack. It is this overreaction that actually causes the asthma attack.

This leads to difficulties in breathing, and the body begins to malfunction. In many instances, the solution is a steroid inhaler.

Cannabinoid Receptors and Asthma

Because you are reading this, you probably already know that CBD binds to CBD receptors. CBD is a key ingredient in the process of the proper functioning of the endocannabinoid system.

The system works like keys and locks fitting together to cause certain functions to take place. The system as a whole is distributed throughout the body and plays a role in many basic functions.

We don’t need to over complicate the issue here, but suffice it to say, it’s important to maintain the proper functionality of this critical system in the body.

At this point, it is important that we state the following: if you have asthma and your doctor suggests that you keep an inhaler with you in case of an attack, make sure that you follow that advice!

While CBD may be able to change the course of chronic asthma, it is not a tool to respond to an emergency.

CBD and the Future of Asthma Treatment

That said, CBD can be an important tool in the toolbox for those suffering from chronic asthma.

It’s important to understand that chronic inflammation in the airways has proved a difficult enemy for medical science. This is because chronic asthma actually changes the way that the airways work.

Several years ago, a key researcher named Francieli Vuolo, along with a team of researchers, evaluated cannabidiol as a potential treatment for asthma in animals.

The findings included a determination that effectively established a strong research basis for the conclusion that CBD can play a critical role in treating chronic asthma.

More research is likely to develop on this topic, but a series of anecdotal pieces of evidence as well is this important piece of research all point to a strong likelihood that the medical establishment will one day agree that CBD is an important tool in the toolbox for those fighting against chronic asthma.

Excerpts published: Facts about CBD